Sony CFDS70BCEK Cass/CD/Radio Boom Box 2 x 1.7w RMS 30 Radio Presets

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Enjoy the freedom of taking your favourite songs anywhere you like with this portable CD and cassette player from Sony.

All Your Music in One Place

The CFDS70BCEK gives you plenty of options when it comes to playing different types of media. Each option has its own set of controls, so for a product that has lots of functions, it’s incredibly simple to use.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, then pop one of your timeless cassettes into the player and take a trip down memory lane. Rewind and fast forward easily using the traditional cassette buttons on the top of the player – or you could even use the record feature.

Alternatively, why not pop in one of your newest CDs? Skip through the tracks quickly using the control buttons.

Or, for when you fancy listening to the latest chart hits, tune into FM and AM radio stations. This Sony player lets you save your three favourite stations, so you can tune in with ease at the press of a button.

If you’re listening before bed, or know that you’re popping out, then you can use the sleep timer. This will automatically turn off the radio at your desired time.

High Quality Sound

Excellent sound quality is a necessity when listening to music and Sony has made sure that this music player delivers. It has a speaker output (1.7W + 1.7W) and an option for mega bass if you want your songs to have that extra kick.

Compact Design

The Sony CFDS70BCEK has an impressively compact design, making it easily transportable. Bring it with you on family holidays to enjoy your own music, or just move it from room to room for when you’re doing the cooking or cleaning.

It’s also got a built-in digital clock, so you can always be aware of the time.

Take your music wherever you choose with this Sony portable player. Grab yours today. 


Frequency Band
  • FM
  • AM
Colour Black

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