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At George Robertson Ltd, we offer installation services on a large number of appliances. After placing your order, we will contact you to arrange a date for delivery and installation. We have a dedicated team who work Monday to Friday, with occassional Saturdays.

How much is installation going to cost?

On our website you can add on installation, removal/recycling to your order. The prices for these services vary depending on what the product is. To view options available to you follow the below steps:

  1. Find the product you want to purchase and click ‘Add to Basket’.
  2. You will then be asked to enter your postcode.
  3. In the Basket you will see the service options available to you, such as: installation, removal, connection to existing plumbing, etc. Simply tick the additional services you require. Example below:

Measuring before order

Before ordering, please ensure that the appliances will fit into the existing area or housing unit by measuring the space carefully. It is also very important to measure the access doorways to your property, as well as internal doors, to make sure the appliance can be safely brought into your home. 


What our installation team will carry out

Our team will:

  • Disconnect the old appliance.
  • Unwrap and dispose of product packaging – cardboard/plastic wrap/pallet.
  • Connect the new appliance to suitable existing water and electrical connections, within 1.5m (this excludes installation of TV/Audio)
  • Level and install the new appliance neatly.
  • Install built-in appliances into existing kitchen furniture where kitchen furniture is suitably sized and specified for relevant built-in product. We will remove the plinths and door panels of the old appliance, then refit the existing door panels to the new appliance.
  • Carry out a test run of the appliance to ensure it is working correctly.

Our team will not:

  • Make any alterations to existing plumbing or electrical connections, or add new connections.
  • Repair faulty or non-conforming plumbing or electrical services.
  • Carry out the connection if it poses a risk to either installer or customer.
  • Connect the appliance if connections do not meet any safety guidelines.
  • Make alterations to any worktops, flooring, or kitchen furniture.


Gas cooker installations

We can deliver duel fuel/gas cookers, but we cannot install them. You must contact an approved gas fitter to discconnect and install in accordance with Gas Safe regulations.


Wet installations

Wet installations refer to the connection of freestanding dishwasher and washing machines only. We will only connect to suitable existing plumbing and electrical services that are within 1.5m of where the appliancec is going. If you are unsure that your existing connections are suitable, please give us a call on 01595 692915 to discuss your options.

If we arrive to carry out a wet installation and find any problems with the existing plumbing or electrics our delivery team will inform you before processding any further with the installation. It may be that you need to re-arrange the installation for a later date to allow the existing services to be rectified. This may incur a charge for a second visit.

All wet connections are tested and checked before our installation team leave the property.


Television and sound system installations

We can provide installation of televisions and sound systems, please contact us directly regarding this and we will be able to discuss your requirements and provide a quote. There are quite a number of variables involved with these installations we must discuss the requirements first.


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